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Five hrs cooking class with local farmer’s market tour

Culinary Excursion

Masalas & Curry Pastes

Cookery Workshop in Indian Bread (Four hours)

Two to Five days – Comprehensive Cookery Workshops

Vegan Cooking Class

3 days Culinary & Heritage Tour


The private cooking classes are tailored to give hands-on experience in cooking techniques and learning and preparation of  appealing delicacies in Goan Cuisine as well other regional Indian Cuisine & Baking Breads. 

These private classes are exclusively organised for  individuals who wish to have their space. It is a perfect private experience especially for family, couples, groups who will be by themselves without any other bookings on the day. Whether you are a novice cook or a professional cook you can refine your skills in Goan Cuisine in particular and regional Indian Cuisine in general. These classes are organised between 10.00 am to 3.00 pm & 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm and includes a day filled with culture exchange, culinary exploration, hands-on cooking, introduction to spices, ingredients, breakfast, preparation of masala chai, beverages, traditional meal etc. These classes can be customised as per request of the guest.

The evening class has a perfect setting for a fabulous hands-on cooking and a cozy dinner with an Appetizer. 

For detail itinerary please drop mail at ritasgourmetgoa@gmail



Private Cooking Class with local farmer’s market tour : Rs 6250/- per person

Private Cooking Class without local farmer’s  market tour: Rs 5550/- per person

Private Evening Cooking Class without local farmer’s market tour: Rs 5750/- per person

For a family or a group of four a 7.5 % discount per person is extended

Please mail at ritasgourmetgoa@gmail.com or call (+91) 7507452225/7378509892 or what’s app on (+91) 7507452225 to register the private cooking class