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The Royal Indian Meal

“Indian food touches your soul before it touches your taste buds. There’s heaven in every bite”. If you’re looking for a soulful journey through Indian or Goan cuisine across a meal that’s not only fulfilling but takes you through a joy ride of culinary extravaganza, you’re at the right place!

At Rita’s Gourmet, we believe in celebrating the joy of cooking. In keeping with our motto, we have curated a set of royal Indian Regional and Goan full meal recipes. We take you through a classic Indian/Goan appetizer, main and an Indian flat bread. In keeping with our idea of taking you through the same culinary expedition virtually, as we would have in person, we bring a decade full of rich insights, knowledge, and energy. Each royal meal will dive deep into exploring every ingredient, its connect with the underlying culture and it’s popularity locally as well as its impact internationally.

We have a list of delectable full meal recipes with their respective ingredients, cooking equipment necessary and taste preferences for you to choose from.

Here’s how it works

Your end:

  1. Select a “Royal Indian Meal” of your choice.
  2. Fill in the registration form and select a date and class slot from the list available.

Our end:

  1. We confirm the receipt of your registration over email. In addition, the email contains a link to make the payment online.
  2. On receipt of the payment, we welcome you and confirm your participation with an email containing the list of ingredients and cooking equipment to be kept at hand on the day of the class.
  3. The email also contains a zoom link which will be active for the duration of the class.


Butter Chicken – Hara Bhara Kebab – Butter Naan – Mint Chutney

Malai Kofta Curry – Mushroom Jalfrezi – Plain Paratha – Mint Chutney

Chicken Vindalho – Goan Prawn Masala Rawa Fry – Steamed Rice – Pumpkin Fugath

Class Details

Class Duration: 120 Minutes approximately

Class Slots:  Make a selection from the slots available when filling the registration form.

Class Requisites: The list of utensils and equipment along with the ingredients and recipes required shall be emailed in advance.

Amount: $40 per person per screen

For Assistance

Email : ritasgourmetgoa@gmail.com

WhatsApp : (+91) 7507452225 

Instagram : @ritasgourmetgoa