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Five hrs cooking class with local farmer’s market tour

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Masalas & Curry Pastes

Cookery Workshop in Indian Bread (Four hours)

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3 days Culinary & Heritage Tour

Masalas & Curry Pastes

By and large people all over the globe, whether from Briton, or far US in the West or closer UAE or Thailand or as far East Australia & New Zealand,  relish Indian curries & masala dishes and not to forget the chutneys. No wonder Indian spices are very popular in the world.

The rich Indian Cuisine is flavor and aroma packed and all this is the magic of fresh spices grown in India. The different states in India have their own version of preparing local masalas and pastes. The spice mix for preparing these masalas and curry pastes is an intrinsic art well imbibed by the housewives and chefs in India.

In the same breadth, the travelers visiting Goa and different parts of India fall in love with the food which is so divergent all over the country.

In Goa, the travelers who visit Rita’s Gourmet for cooking classes have felt that we should come out with an exclusive cooking class in preparation of different curry pastes, masalas and chutneys.

The traditional Goan delicacies such as Fish Recheado, Lamb Xacuti, Vindalho,  Cafreal, Balchao etc to name a few involve preparation of masala and pastes which could be prepared in advance and refrigerated. Though you may find packaged masalas in and around grocery shops and super market for convenience, however, what better than to prepare your own curry pastes, masala and chutneys and cook authentic dishes.

An article on Rita’s Gourmet Goa in the UK travel weekly definitely fortified our thought that we should impart the knowledge in preparation of masala, curry pastes and chutneys so that authentic dishes using these can be made in their kitchen.

This cooking class is also highly recommended to Chefs and Assistant Chefs who would like to introduce authentic Goan Cuisine in their Restaurants and Catering. Once they learn to prepare the traditional way of masala and curry pastes we are sure they will add value to the their restaurant menu which would result in increase in footfall.

Preparation of Goan Masalas & Curry Pastes

Timings: 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm (The timing can be customised on request)


  • Welcome beverages and snacks
  • Brief introduction to different spices and ingredients used in day to day Indian Cooking
  • Brief introduction to Goan Masalas & Curry pastes and their uses in preparation of different dishes
  • Demonstration and participation cooking class in preparation of the following Masalas & Curry pastes
    • Recheado Masala
    • Vindalho Masala
    • Xacuti Curry Paste
    • Cafreal Masala
    • Fish Curry Paste
  • Steps how to store these Masalas & Curry pastes
  • Takeaway prepared Masalas, Curry pastes and Chutneys in packed containers
  • Hard Copies of recipes
  • Takeaway Rita’s Gourmet Apron as a token of remembrance
  • Certificate of participation


Cooking Class in Goan Masalas and Curry Pastes: Rs 4550/- per person (The class is conducted if we have a minimum of two bookings on the day)

For a single person – Rs 5250/-

Please mail at ritasgourmetgoa@gmail.com or call (+91) 7507452225 / 7378509892  or what’s app (+91) 7507452225