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Goan cuisine comes from the beautiful state of Goa located in the west coast of India. Having a coastline of Arabian Sea, Goa’s culinary preparation involves lots of seafood, spices, coconut as its essential ingredients apart from meat and poultry.  Goan cuisine has an array of ethnic delicacies. So also, as Portuguese were in Goa for almost four hundred years, no wonder it has left its mark on Goan cuisine. Many of the Portuguese dishes including desserts such as the Cafreal, Xacuti, Assado de Carne, Rissois de Camarao, Serradura, Alle Belle have been given Goan twist and are very popular in the day to day Goan meals. Goan cuisine is relished not only in India but also commands great respect in many parts of the world, thanks to many international tourists flocking to Goa.

Rita’s Gourmet offers a wide variety of Goan recipes to learn and prepare and inspire the inner chef in every individual.

  • Appetizers

    • Torradinhos de Pao com Camaroes (Bread and Prawns Balls)
    • Rissois de Camarao (Prawns Puffs)
    • Mushroom Cutlets
    • Mutton Croquettes
    • Chops de Camarao  (Prawn chops)
    • Pimentoes Recheados (Stuffed Capsicum)
    • Bangde Recheado (Stuffed mackerels)
    • Caranguejos Recheados (Stuffed Crabs)
    • Rollos de chouricos de Galinha ( Chicken cocktail rolls)
    • Crispy Fried Bombay Ducks
  • Fish and Shellfish

    • Rawas/Mori/ Ambot tik  (Hot and sour  Fish curry)
    • Bangde Uddamethi (Mackerels in Coconut and Fenugreek)
    • Crabs in butter garlic,
    • Stuffed Jumbo Shrimp
    • Famous Goan Prawns / Fish Curry
    • Tisreache Sukke (Clams with coconut and green chillies)
    • Crab Xec Xec (Crab in spiced coconut gravy)
    • Xinnaneo Fry (Fried Mussels)
    • Squid Chilli fry / Batter fry
    • Fish Recheado
    • Solantele Bangde (Mackreal cooked in Kokum Curry)
  • Lamb and Poultry

    • Galinha Cafreal (Chicken in  green sauce)
    • Kombdi Shagoti ( Chicken Xacuti  )
    • Asado de Carne ( Roast Mutton)
  • Vegetables and Salads

    • Khatkhatem (Mixed  vegetable Curry)
    • Tender coconut and cashew nut Sukke
    • Kakdichi Karam/Anasachi Karam (Cucumber or Pineapple coconut Salad)
    • Mushroom Xacuti
    • Mooga Ghatti (Sprouted Lentil in Coconut)
  • Desserts

    • Bolo de Zebra(Zebra cake)
    • Serradura (Layered Biscuit Pudding)
    • Alle Belle (Coconut Pan Cakes)
    • Bolo de Limoes  (Lemon curd cake)
    • Doce de grao (Bengal gram fudge)
    • Tausali (Cucumber Cake)
    • Nachni dodol (Ragi Pudding)
    • Pudding de caramel (Caramel pudding)
    • Batika (Coconut Cake)
    • Bolinhas (Coconut Cookies)
    • Perada (Guava Cheese)
    • Ghoshey (Rice and Fenugreek Seed Porridge)
    • Tender Coconut Pudding
    • Patoleo (Rice Pancake in turmeric leaves)



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