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Thai cuisine is the national cuisine of Thailand  and is well known for its balanced mix of four fundamental ‘S’ flavors in each dish such as Sweet, Salty, Sour and Spicy hot (spicy). Thai culinary is mostly lightly prepared with strong sweet-smelling constituents. The spiciness of Thai cuisine is well known and featured internationally in Thai restaurants. As with other Asian cuisines, balance, detail and variety are of great significance to Thai chefs. Although primarily thought of as a single cuisine, Thai food is divided into four main regions of Thailand: Northern, Northeastern, Central and Southern. For example southern curries tend to have coconut milk and fresh turmeric ingredients, while northeastern dishes like to include lime juice as an ingredient. Essential Thai ingredients mainly include Rice & Noodles, Pastes & Sauces, Herbs & Spices, Vegetables, Seafood and Poultry. Use of fresh herbs, spices and roots, to name a few, Kafir Leaves, Lemon Grass, Galangal root, Ginger & Garlic , Bird’s Eye Chilly (the small fiery one) etc.. play an important role in enhancing the aroma and flavours apart from tamarind paste used effectively as the souring agent and coconut milk to give balance. The fragrance of Jasmine rice or the famous Sticky rice along with different curries such as the Green, Yellow or the Red Thai curries makes it a full meal along with Soups, Side dishes & desserts. Different techniques are used in Thai cooking namely Stir Fry (pad), Deep Fry (tod), Steaming (neung), Stewing (toon), Grilling (yang) etc..

At Rita’s Gourmet Goa you can learn all the different techniques that go in Thai Cooking, different styles of making Rice and Noodles along with the all famous Curries and Soups. So join us for a day’s Class or join us for a comprehensive six days Thai Cooking Course.


  • Pumpkin Soup with Chicken
  • Chicken Soup with Bean Sprout
  • Tomjuddang Soup with Stuffed Cucumbers
  • Tom ka gai (Coconut Soup with Chicken)
  • Spicy lamb Soup
  • Thai Tom yum Soup
  • Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup
  • Spicy Soup with Shrimp and lime
  • Scallop Soup with Chilli and Lemon grass
  • Chicken and Lemon grass Soup with Basil
  • Chicken Soup with Bean Sprout


  • Roast lamb Salad
  • Fried Fish on Mango Salad
  • Salad with Shrimps and Peanuts
  • Salad with Chicken and Mint leaves
  • Papaya Salad with Beans and Shrimp
  • Noodle Salad with meat and nuts

Starters and Main Course

  • Chicken Laksa
  • Pad Thai with Lamb
  • Roast lamb
  • Thai Shrimp with Lettuce
  • Spring rolls with Chilli nut-dip (Rice)
  • Deep fried corn fritters
  • Vegetable Noodles
  • Spicy Eggplant
  • Chicken with Chilies and Basil
  • Sakosaikaopod (Sago balls with peanut filling)
  • Coconut Chicken on Rice
  • Spring rolls with Chilli  dip
  • Chicken with Broccoli and Red Onions
  • Thai Fish and Shrimp Rolls
  • Chicken Satay ginger – coconut sauce
  • Stuffed banana leaves
  • Spicy Thai Fish Cakes
  • Pad Cha Hoy Lai (Stir Fried Clams with chili and Basil)
  • Noodles with Vegetables and Coconuts
  • Rice Noodles with Chicken and vegetables
  • Shrimp Balls


  • Vegetable Curry
  • Clam and Mangosteen Curry
  • Green Chicken Curry
  • Geang Pah Gai (Jungle Curry with Chicken)
  • Massaman Chicken Curry
  • Carrot and Mushroom curry


  • Oranges in syrup
  • Banana Pancakes
  • Thai Creme Carame
  • Tub Tum Grob (Jewels in Coconut Milk)
  • Fuk-Thong-Keang-Buad (Pumpkin in coconut milk)
  • I sa kreem – kluay Thod ( Deep Fry Banana with Coconut Batter , served with coconut Ice Cream)

 “Khaw Hai Jarern Aharn”

For registration to learn Thai cuisine call 7507452225 OR mail at ritasgourmetgoa@gmail.com OR / AND Copy to info@ritasgourmetgoa.com OR Leave Feedback. We conduct classes for small batches  and register group bookings.

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