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Okra with Kokum

A simple and a quick vegetable made of fresh tender Okras with Kokum which infuses a nice tangy taste. Ingredients: Okra, Kokum, Onion, Turmeric, Fresh Chilly and salt to taste. 

Bolo Mimosa

Bolo Mimosa is a delicious crumbly crust pie with the filling of fresh coconut, egg yolk and assorted nuts and baked to perfection.

Bolo Sans Rival

Bolo Sans Rival is a traditional Goan Cake / Dessert made of Roasted Powdered cashew nuts / almonds, powdered sugar, egg white, and layered with butter icing. It can be topped with roasted nuts.

Goan Prawn Curry with Drumsticks

Goa being situated along the coastal belt and comes with abundance of seafood, the local community has several staple seafood dishes and one of the most common and popular dish is the Goan Prawn Curry which is served with steamed rice or local boiled brown rice...

Fish Guisado

Guisado is a Portuguese word which means stew.  Fish Guisado is a mild curry and can also be made with red / white meat and made with roundels of tomato, onions & bell pepper. Relish with bread!!!! Ingredients Quantity King Fish Steak 200 gms Ginger Garlic paste ½...

Crab Xec Xec

This is one of the traditional Goan Crab Curry dish wherein you make the use of pre-roasted spices and grinding them to a paste. It has a nice spicy flavour and goes great with steamed rice and can also be enjoyed with bread or phulkas. Ingredients Quantity Crabs 2...